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Follow Four American Kids On Their First Trip To Paris...

Listen as they engage in real-life conversations.

Beginning French students in France

Watch the Instant French Lesson 1  video. Move the timeline cursor to 0:00

Learn the way young children do... by listening and speaking before you read. Commit just two hours a week, and you'll be speaking accentless French in as little as 6 weeks!

15 Carefully Tailored Videos

  • Access the videos from anywhere on the public Polyglot Instant French channel on YouTube.

  • Begin each lesson with the video. Simply open the lesson and click on the video icon.

  • Videos are focused almost entirely on speaking―not grammar―with multiple opportunities for repetition and pronunciation practice.

  • You will initially hear a short conversation and mimic sounds with no translation and no reading.

  • At the stop sign in the video you will pause and read the text. Here you will learn the meaning of the phrases you just practiced as well as necessary short points of grammar. The lighbulb goes on!

  • After reading, you will come back and watch the second half of the video for more practice speaking―now with complete understanding.

  • Direct links to each lesson's video in the online text make switching back and forth between text and video a breeze!

  • A short quiz at the end of the lesson with a direct link to the answers gives you practice with reading and writing.

  • After each lesson, you can practice over the next several days with the downloadable audio files on your phone.

Learn how to use the course in the Instant French Introduction  video.

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