A Memorable Text...

That Makes It Fun!

Instant French texbook cover.
  • Follows a storyline with real-life conversations

  • Grammar springs from the conversations

  • Spacious, easy to read 8 1/2 X 11 format

  • Organized into 15 lessons

  • Clear section headers

  • Clear, concise charts

  • Richly illustrated

  • Sufficient grammar to prepare for further study

  • Quizzes at the end of each lesson

  • Appendix with quiz answers

  • Superior to computer-based learning because it's much easier  to reference and study, plus allows writing/spelling practice.

This unique conversational French language textbook is written in clear, concise prose frequently punctuated by humor, as well as fascinating commentary on French culture, geography, history, and travel recommendations. Together with the videos and downloadable MP3 speaking practice files, it's the perfect way for you to prepare to get the most out of your trip to France!

Seamlessly Integrated With Video 

  • Individual video for each lesson of 20-25 minutes

  • Videos are publicly available on the Instant French YouTube channel and can be watched at school and at home

  • Each lesson is designed to combine both video and text instruction

  • Students often hear and repeat words and phrases before they are permitted to see them in print so that pronunciation is with a French accent rather than an English accent.

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