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The Perfect One Semester Course...

Practical Preparation For Travel Abroad

First trip to Paris for beginning French students

A Right Choice For Your Students Or Executives...

French course for schools
A Truly Practical & Useful Course To Meet A Language Requirement Or As An Elective

At the end of Instant French, your students will have a basic skill set, including actual speaking competency, that provides a substantial foundation for travel abroad to French-speaking nations. Perfect for exchange/semester abroad students headed for France, or for corporate and government employees who are traveling to France on business.

For schools, individual students are given Premium Membership status and access to all course elements with their own login and password. User-friendly links between online text and videos make navigation and transitions between text and video a breeze. Students can download audio files for speaking practice. Teachers have exclusive access to downloadable and printable quizzes and exercises.

Use the attached form to contact us for advantageous group pricing for schools, businesses, or governmental agencies.

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Instant French


Eiffel Tower Logo Instant French

Suitable for ages 12 through adult.

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