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La Langue de l'Amour

Talking about love...

Je t’aime. Lovely, famous words. So you probably already know how to say, “I love you” (and may be hoping to use that phrase some day), but do you know how to say, “I have fallen in love with Henri”? We’re going to learn all the ins and outs of lovel’amour in today’s blog.

Girl Walking In Paris
Je t'aimerai toujours.

Expressing Love

I love you―aimer (both to love and to like)

Je t’aime, ma chérie.

I love you, my darling/dear.

Je t’aime de tout mon cœur.

I love you with all my heart.

Comme je vous aime, mes chers enfants.

How I love you, my dear children.

Je t‘aimerai toujours.

I will love you forever/always.

Eh bien, il l’aime.

Well, he loves her.

Alors, tu l’aimes?

So, do you love her?

That was pretty straight forward. Obviously, je t'aimerai toujours is future tense. Don't forget the word order with the direct object pronoun coming before the verb. The next part is only slightly trickier.

I like you―aimer (both to love and to like)

OK, so if je t’aime means, “I love you”, how do I say, “I like you”?

This is subtle. You have to add an adverb to communicate that you like someone rather than that you are in romantic love with them. In addition, as you would guess, context―who you are talking to under what circumstance―means a lot.

Je t’aime bien.

I like you so much.

Je t’aime beaucoup.

I like you a lot.

Obviously there are many ways that not paying attention to this subtlety could get you in deep trouble. Here’s a couple of alternatives using different verbs:

Je t’apprecie beaucoup.

I like you so much. (Lit. I appreciate you so much.)

Tu me plais bien.

I quite like you. I’m quite attracted to you. (Lit. You please me well.)

You have to add an adverb to communicate that you like someone rather than that you are in romantic love with them.

To be in love with―être amoureux/amoureuse de

Je suis amoureux de Arielle. (masculine speaker)

I am in love with Arielle. (Literal translation: I am loving of Arielle.)

Je suis amoureuse de Henri. (feminine speaker)

I am in love with Henri. (Literal translation: I am loving of Henri.)

Notice that the French do not say, ”in” love, because amoureux/amoureuse are adjectives that also require agreement with the subject je. Also note that the French use de rather than avec.

Like English speakers, the French also talk about “falling” in love. But the same rules apply. (However, Canadiens speaking the Canadian version of French, quebecois, do say tomber en amour avec…)

To fall in love with―tomber amoureux/amoureuse de

Je suis tombé amoureux de toi. (masculine speaker)

I have fallen in love with you.

Je suis tombé amoureux d'Arielle. (masculine speaker)

I have fallen in love with Arielle.

(Apparently "you" got dumped for "Arielle".)

Je suis tombée amoureuse de Thomas. (feminine speaker)

I have fallen in love with Henri.

Elle est tombée amoureuse de Bernard.

She has fallen in love with Henri.

Note the agreement of tombé/tombée with the gender of the subject.

More Intimate Expressions Of Love

There’s no one on the planet who doesn’t understand that sex is a part of love. Well… almost no one. We are all interested in learning how to handle a discussion of sex tastefully and delicately.

Tu veux faire l’amour?

Do you want to make love?

Je veux coucher avec elle ce soir.

I want to sleep with her tonight.

J’ai rêvé de te faire l’amour.

I have dreamed of making love to you.

Une Chanson d'Amour

Je t'aime - Lara Fabian

Lyrics below in French & English


D'accord, il existait

D'autres façons de se quitter

Quelques éclats de verre

Auraient peut-être pu nous aider

Dans ce silence amer

J'ai décidé de pardonner

Les erreurs qu'on peut faire

À trop s'aimer

D'accord, la petite fille

En moi souvent te réclamait

Presque comme une mère

Tu me bordais, me protégeais

Je t'ai volé ce sang

Qu'on aurait pas dû partager

À bout de mots, de rêves

Je vais crier

Je t'aime, je t'aime

Comme un fou, comme un soldat

Comme une star de cinéma

Je t'aime, je t'aime

Comme un loup, comme un roi

Comme un homme que je ne suis pas

Tu vois, je t'aime comme ça

D'accord je t'ai confié

Tous mes sourires, tous mes secrets

Même ceux dont seul un frère

Est le gardien inavoué

Dans cette maison de pierre

Satan nous regardait danser

J'ai tant voulu la guerre

De corps qui se faisaient la paix


I admit (~okay), there existed

Other ways for us to leave each other

A few shards of glass

Might have helped us

In this bitter silence

I decided to forgive

The mistakes we can make

Loving too much

I admit often the little girl

In me requested you

Almost like a mother

You tucked me in, protected me

I stole from you this blood

That we never should have shared

Lost for words, for dreams

I will scream

I love you, I love you

Like a fool, like a soldier

Like a movie star

I love you, I love you

Like a wolf, like a king

Like a man that I am not

You see, I love you like that

I admit I confided in you

All my smiles, all my secrets

Even those for which only a brother

Is the undeclared guardian

In this house of stone

Satan was watching us dance

I so wanted a war

Of bodies that made the peace to each other


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