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Learning French For Beginners

Easily Learn to Speak French!

There are, of course, many French-speaking countries outside of France itself. If you are planning travel to a francophone country, learning the  essentials of conversational French is a fabulous way to make your trip more fun-filled and rewarding. Even simple tasks, such as ordering food at a restaurant, or asking for directions, become exciting adventures by quickly learning to speak French with Polyglot LLC's focused French language course. In just weeks, you can learn to confidently speak French in common everyday circumstances utilizing Instant French's unique multimedia approach. Noted Parisian French professor Julie Beaufort, a cast of native French speakers, and American guide Bruce Foster, will immerse you in the French language with fifteen videos, downloadable MP3 speaking practice audio files, and a clear, explanatory textbook.


Even if you have never before spoken a word of French, learning French for beginners with Instant French-Quick Preparation For A Trip To France can be remarkably painless -- in fact, great fun!. You will learn French by following an American family on a trip to Paris and listening to them engage in real-life conversations, like meeting and greeting people, engaging with restaurant staff, speaking with shopkeepers in French stores, and much more. Our system  of learning starts with real life, practical conversations and from there springs into necessary grammar, important phrases, and the vocabulary necessary to comfortably navigate a vacation or business trip to a French-speaking country.


And this is NOT just another reading course! With an emphasis on speaking and pronunciation, you will immediately begin speaking French in complete sentences as Julie Beaufort leads you through the nuances of French pronunciation that will make your speech readily understandable by any French-speaking person. The three-pronged approach to learning French for beginners of videos, MP3 audio files, and text will have you speaking confidently and proficiently in just weeks. 

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Two women who have learned French for beginners
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