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French Lessons For Travelers

Taking French lessons for travelers

Take Our Conversational French Course

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The actual language skills needed by short-term travelers to effectively communicate in a foreign language are quite different than the skills acquired in an academic foreign language program. Instant French-Quick Preparation For A Trip To France is a conversational French course for travelers created very specifically for people who have limited time to devote to language study, but would love to be able to actually speak French in the common, everyday circumstances they will encounter during their trip. This multimedia course of French language videos, French language textbook, and MP3 practice audio files prepares you to do exactly that.


Videos Based On Useful, Real-Life Conversations

The course is based around a series of useful real-life conversations. You will hear native French speakers engaging in these conversations and then smoothly and logically progress from there to an understanding of the grammar that underlies the conversations. Because the emphasis is on actually speaking, you will begin each lesson by watching the video where, in small steps, you will be required to repeat the conversation out loud yourself with many pronunciation tips along the way. Halfway through the video you will read the text explaining the conversation and associated grammar, and then return to the second half of the video for more practice speaking and more explanation. 

Video + Text + Practice MP3s = Easy, Fast Learning

Each video is 20-25 minutes in length, and reading the text takes about the same amount of time. So completing each of the 15 lessons takes less than an hour, but can be done at your own pace in 15-20 minute segments. After completing the lesson with the video and text, you will have the opportunity to practice at your leisure with MP3 audio files downloadable to your phone or other mobile device so that while driving, exercising, or lying on the beach you can master the conversations and perfect your pronunciation.


Test Your Skills

All of us taking a conversational French course want to have some assessment of how we're doing and how much we have accomplished, so at the end of each conversational French lesson there is a quiz you can take designed to reinforce important concepts and provide you with a measure of your new skills.


Speak Confidently

By the end of these French lessons for travelers you will be able to confidently and comfortably meet and greet people, order in restaurants, converse with shop keepers, ask directions, and much more. Experience the joy of being bilingual and make your trip to a French-speaking country that much more fun with the Instant French conversational French course for travelers.

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