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French Language Textbook

Quickly Master Conversational French
With Our French Language Textbook

French language textbook

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Key to understanding the free conversational French Youtube videos is the beautifully illustrated, conversational French textbook, Instant French-Quick Preparation For A Trip To France. Printed in a large 8 1/2 x 11" size for easy readability, the text contains 15 lessons associated with the 15 free videos on the Polyglot Instant French Youtube channel. Full English translations in both literal and colloquial form make understanding the real-life conversations in the videos easy, followed by clear explanation of the grammar that naturally springs from the conversations. So from the very first lesson you are learning to speak practical, useful French in complete sentences

Multiple, clear headings help to organize the approach to learning, and clear, concise tables and charts support understanding of the grammar.  A short quiz at the end of each chapter helps to emphasize important content and allows the reader to assess their progress, as well as to practice written French. Answers to quizzes are easy to find in an appendix at the end of the textbook.


This unique conversational French language textbook is written in clear, concise prose often punctuated by humor, as well as fascinating commentary on French culture, geography, history, and travel recommendations. Together with the videos and MP speaking practice files, it's the perfect way for you to prepare to get the most out of your trip to France!

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