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Conversational French Youtube Videos

Watch Free French Language Videos!

Conversational French free video

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The 15 free French language videos associated with each Instant French-Quick Preparation For A Trip To France lesson are available from anywhere, anytime on the Polyglot Instant French Youtube channel. Many of the videos feature a new everyday, real-life conversation with native French speakers which then becomes the springboard for comprehension and grammar instruction contained in the conversational French textbook. After listening to the full conversation by native French speakers, you will then practice speaking yourself. Professor Julie Beaufort will say individual words and phrases in small, manageable bites twice, followed by a beep and a pause which then signals your turn to say the word or phrase out loud twice yourself.

Throughout the course you will follow an American family as they meet French friends, dine in French bistros, order from sandwich shops on the street, try on clothing in French stores, and much more. Pronunciation instruction is provided by noted French Professor Julie Beaufort, and plain English grammar instruction is provided by American writer and experienced French traveler, Bruce Foster. Although the videos provide superb speaking practice, you will need the conversational French textbook available from Amazon for full comprehension and grammar instruction.

All of the conversational French audio files are available on this website for download as MP3 files for your phone or other mobile device so that you can practice away from your computer while driving, working out, or just relaxing in bed.


The entire course, including the conversational French Youtube videos, is geared for students with no previous French language experience or instruction. But this multimedia conversational French course is also perfect for travelers who had a little bit of French in school perhaps, but are in need of a refresher.

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