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Beginning French Language Course

The Best French Course for Travelers

How long have you dreamed of being bilingual and speaking French? And you're planning a trip to France? Now you can live out your dreams with the best new French course for travelers on the market, Instant French-Quick Preparation For A Trip To France. Whether you're traveling to France purely for pleasure, for important business, or perhaps even on a government or military assignment, the Polyglot LLC French course for travelers is a fast and easy way to prepare yourself to speak confidently and clearly in French. Each of the 15 lessons of this multimedia beginning French language course can be completed in less than an hour.


Not just a fancy phrasebook, by the end of the Instant French course you will be prepared to actually have spontaneous conversations when meeting and greeting people, ordering in restaurants, engaging with shopkeepers, and much more. And since the emphasis of the course is on speaking and pronunciation, your French accent will be proficient enough that you will be readily understood by any French speaker. The combination of 15 speaking instruction videos,  easy-to-read text, and MP3 downloadable speaking practice audio files make this the perfect beginning French Language course for travelers.

Follow your dream of speaking French with this beginning French Language Course

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