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You'll discover the French language with native French-speaker and prominent educator Julie Beaufort, together with Bruce Foster, an American English-speaking guide who will help you navigate the challenges of learning French with clear English explanations of grammar and culture.

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Bruce Foster

Bruce is an American physician and writer who serves as your English-speaking guide to Instant French. He has traveled extensively in France for over thirty years and has developed a broad network of French-speaking friends. His very personal understanding of the challenges that English speakers face in learning the French language has helped shape the uniquely practical approach to language learning that is offered by Instant French

Bruce has authored five books, including two novels in the medical thriller category, and two medical textbooks which can be explored at either Amazon or his website below. When not engaged with Instant French, he is an avid skier, tennis player, and aircraft pilot.

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Julie Beaufort

Julie Beaufort grew up in Fontainebleau, France riding horses under the watchful eye of her equestrian mother. She is a professor of French who holds many degrees and certifications in the French language, including a BS from the University of Paris, and a MA in French for foreign language speakers from the University of Grenoble. She conducts professional training workshops for French teachers, and is a trainer for DELF-DALF certification examiners.
An experienced international traveler herself, Julie has taught French in Tanzania, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. She has also lived in Turkey, Australia, and the Bahamas. 

Julie is a passionate outdoor enthusiast who hikes, bikes, and rides horses. And, as you might guess from her lovely voice, is a trained concert vocalist.

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