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Instant French

Speak Clearly & Confidently
In As Little As 6 Weeks!

Focused On What You Really Need!
Watch The Overview of Instant French Video

In just thirteen 45-minute language lessons, Instant French will quickly prepare you to speak clearly and confidently on your trip to France, focused on these common, everyday situations and much more:

  • Meeting and greeting people

  • Interacting with wait staff in restaurants

  • Engaging with sales clerks and shopkeepers

  • Asking directions

From the first lesson you'll be speaking in complete sentences as you follow an American family on their exciting first trip to France and listen as they engage in real-life conversations.


Invest just two hours a week, and you'll be speaking accentless, colloquial French in as little as 6 weeks!

Get complete online access to fully integrated, interactive instructional texts, videos, and practice MP3 files with a Premium Membership for as little as one dollar a month.

3 Course Components Blend Seamlessly...

  • 15 On-Line Videos (13 Language, 2 Cultural) Of 20-25 Minutes

  • Online Instructional Text With 15 Lessons & Self Assessment Quizzes,  with direct links to lesson videos.

  • Downloadable MP3 Practice Audio Files Corresponding To Each Lesson

Whether you're a complete novice, or had a little French in school and need a refresher, Instant French will get you speaking quickly and clearly so that people will say, "Wow, your French is so good!"

Beginning French textbook

Also available in printed format.

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